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Delivering on the Promise of Diversity

This masterclass lays the foundation for Strategic Diversity Management™ (SDM™). It introduces the universal applicability of the Strategic Diversity Management Process™ (SDMP™) model using the practical experience of the daughter of the original architect who literally wrote the book on SDM™ and a CDO who has leveraged it over a 20-year career across two F50 companies, both nationally recognized as better practice companies for diversity management.

This online masterclass is geared towards new heads of diversity as well as those heads of diversity who feel their organization is stuck. In completing this course, you will:

  • Gain Conceptual Clarity
  • Adopt Universal Philosophies
  • Apply a universal approach that: 
  • Build the right infrastructure 


Testimonials: What People Are Saying

This master class offers an abundance of thought-provoking, yet practical and applicable content, tools, and resources for new practitioners, for both those whose organizations need a reboot and anyone accountable for moving the needle on diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organization. If you're stuck in the vicious cycle of addressing issues and not systems, this master class is exactly what you need to deliver on promises made, but not kept.

Minda Harts, Award winning author, speaker and podcaster

This masterclass is the roadmap this profession needs, a valuable resource for practitioners at the start of a DEI journey or seasoned professionals at a career crossroads. Delivering on the Promise of Diversity delivers on its promise to help today's diversity professionals build out the right infrastructure to educate, equip, and empower all employees.

Janet Stovall, Global Head of DEI, The NeuroLeadership Institute

I have been a student of Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas since my entry into the field almost 20 years ago. The time-tested understanding and skills that come from strategic diversity management (SDM) allow everyone to see where they can engage in DEI in a meaningful and impactful way. Delivering on the Promise of Diversity provides a pathway for every employee to create the conditions for their organizations to thrive. And for me, that is what DEI is all about.

Amri B. Johnson, Author of "Reconstructing Inclusion: Making DEI Accessible, Actionable, and Sustainable"

While this masterclass is designed for newly appointed Chief Diversity Officers, it deepens and expands the practice for all who “do” diversity work and, quite frankly, anyone who leads. From the very beginning, there is something new even for those who think they have read or seen it all. What especially makes your masterclass stand out from others is 1. The focus on systems rather than people, and 2. The four questions to ask ourselves, each other, and our organizations, aligned with a four-part framework. Profound insight: 'We don’t have to have all the right answers, just need to ask the right questions.'

Yvonne Wolf, Chief People Person

The SDM™ master class is an ideal forum to equip Talent Managers with skills required to be, “World Class Diversity Leaders”. The class guides leaders on a journey to building a strategic roadmap for their talent pipeline initiatives.

Calvin Zanders, Talent Management Professional

A colleague recently asked me to imagine work environments where HR folx are knowledgeable and skilled in diversity. I didn't have to think long. A high percentage of the unjust treatment people experience would be eliminated. I have not researched it, but have wondered how could this be accomplished? Your master class provides a doable framework and more. One challenge I've experienced consistently in my work is the "infamous resistance to change". Having stakeholder support with alignment to business imperatives addresses that. It also helped me realize, that I've often been in spaces where support lacked and so did diversity.

Alexis Griffith-Waye, Director of Employee Learning and Development at the Center for Workplace Development for Harvard University